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URE installs North Hollywood Gateway sign
URE installs North Hollywood Gateway Sign
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Video of URE support for L.A. Fire Department
URE proudly supports the L.A. Fire Department
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URE installs Hyperion Treatment Plant Boiler
URE installs Hyperion Treatment Plant Boiler

URE article in Ironworker Magazine
Read the URE article featured in Ironworker Magazine

Building Trades Article
Read about the new landmark installed in North Hollywood
United Riggers & Erectors, Inc. was founded in 1966. URE was designed as an industrial service business focusing on rigging and transporting of heavy machinery. Our vision was to offer reliable, fast and professional rigging and moving services, while keeping costs low and our customer satisfaction high. With these goals in mind, we were able to build a thriving business.

As the years passed and based on customer needs, URE expanded into general construction services which included structural concrete, structural steel erection, piping, machinery maintenance and rigging. As the years have passed, URE continues to thrive off our core business model; provide the customer with the best general contracting and rigging services available.

Here at United Riggers & Erectors, we like to stay involved and give back to our community. A project that sticks out most was our involvement in the creation of a 9/11 monument for Los Angeles City Fire Department Training Academy. An actual steel structure from the Twin Towers was shipped across the United States to be put on display. URE donated the labor and materials for this monument to remember our fallen Americans.
Some examples of awards for outstanding performance awarded to United Riggers from the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Fire Department.
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